CH J&A's High Caliber Harris Special, SH


J&A's Carry The Dream of Acton JH, NA 110 Prize 1


Holly Beth

We are happy to announce that this very nice pairing HAS OCCURRED. This further builds upon J&A's Brittanys well established close working gun dog lines that we are known for.  Great dogs in their own right, together Bullet & Holly will further bring forward two outstanding backgrounds of natural hunting abilities, show, and field Brittanys. The breeding will be a continuation of our own 4th generation line of close working Brittany gun dogs who are notable in their own right, Even so familiar dogs seen in their pedigree include GCH Tonan-Hopes RU-Kiddin Me, DC/FC Masked Shoshini War Chief JH HOF, NAFC/AFC/FC Aux Arc Mark HOF, NAFC/DC/AFC/ Renegades Kansas Kid HOF. There are also dogs from Birch Spring Brittanys, home of several NAVHDA breeder awards.

ALL THINGS HOLLY: She is the daughter of CH J&A's Magnificent Obsession of Acton JH [Hemi] and the daughter of J&A's Dreams Come True of Acton JH [Treasure].  Without a doubt Holly-Beth could quite possibly be the most outstanding gundog in our program and that is truly saying a lot. At 8 months old Holly's natural hunting ability was tested through NAVHDA. In New York, Holly was the only dog one entire weekend to receive a Prize 1 NA 110 score, the second highest score available! Then, with two qualifying legs being all 10's and finishing with an average score of 9s, this young pup quickly earned her AKC Junior Hunter title. Above all, Holly's greatest joy and accomplishments are her four successful Maine bird hunting seasons where she has hunted pheasant, woodcock, and grouse.  To her credit Holly has 4  adult gun dog field trial placements (3 AKC, 1 American Field) including a 1st place AKC win earning her a 4 point major. We will continue to have some fun with field trials and perhaps work towards Senior Hunter title or beyond. Both playful and serious, she lives to be in the field where she really turns it on. She's an honest bird dog that takes her hunting job seriously. When Holly detects scent she quickly and confidently establishes a beautiful, stylish point that can be trusted. When hunting with other dogs, she has good manners and will naturally back them. Holly is steady to flush, wing, shot, and fall and makes bird hunting fun.  She is fully 'broke' and is a finished gundog. Our granddaughter enjoyed showing Holly when she was a puppy. Holly melts the heart of all who know and love her. At home she is a lap dog who loves to be with her human and canine family and is extremely affectionate and entertaining, as a Brittany should be! Holly just turned 4 years old in December. She is liver and white like her mother Treasure. Her sire, Hemi has already proven his worth as a valuable stud dog with three litters behind him.  Hemi's get include two dual pointed young daughters. They, along with Holly and several others sired by Hemi, earned their AKC and/or NAVHDA titles at very young ages. In her own right Holly's mother, our beautiful Treasure, has produced stunning, intelligent, agile family hunting companions including 1 AKC bench champion, 1 AKC Senior Hunters 1 AKC Master Hunter who is in training for NAVHDA UT, many Junior Hunters and NAVHDA titled dogs.  From a proven line of well bred, beautiful bird dogs Holly is from Treasure's final litter and from Hemi's first. She is OFA Excellent.

ALL THINGS BULLET: He is the son of our amazing foundation dog, J&A's Apple Jack of Acton, JH and our KJ Requets Bouncin' Crysta (out of HOF/DC/FC Masked Shoshoni War Chief JH).  Bringing Chrissy into our program allowed us to meet a breeding goal of improving conformation within a successfully established birddog  program.   Bullet has the honor of being our very first AKC Champion with his half sister Pippin (CH J&A's Heartfelt Legend of Acton, and is Holly's grandmother) being our second.  Bullet is also our first AKC Senior Hunter. (He earned juvenile points towards an AKC field championship.)   Bullet, like Holly, is a finished gundog that hunts with incredible style and intensiity.  He has proven his worth in our program many times over. Bullet has sired 3 of our AKC Champions, our first AKC Master Hunter, many AKC Junior hunters and  several NAVHDA titled hunting dogs. He also enjoys participating in and is titled in the relay sport of Flyball,  Loving his life as a beloved family pet he shares his home with 3 other Brittanys (Quincy, Thistle, and Sassy).  As the No. 1 hunting dog in his household, Bullet's disposition is sweet, his intelligence keen, his hunting ability stellar, and his style impressive.  He honors naturally, and is truly a gentleman’s hunting dog. OFA Fair with DNA on file, he is a fine looking Brittany who measures in exactly at 20.5", is muscular and solid, and hunts hard. He is clear white and orange and well known as 'the handsome dude". Bullet is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen. He is co-owned by Julie Harris and John.  

ALL THINGS BRITTANY: Since 1990 our purpose driven breeding program has remained focused on the Brittany as an outstanding family bird dog and companion. Pairing Bullet and Holly continues this tradition. Together they pass on strong natural hunting instincts with the sky being the limit as far as unlocked potential goes.  We anticipate seeing structure, conformation and type true to the breed standard as indicated by their pedigree including healthy animals with strong dual influences and also maintaining sound temperament and disposition. We can confidently identify the unique, combined genetics of both animals in this five generation pedigree because we have bred, owned, handled, hunted with and/or lived with Brittanys seen in their pedigree.  We are proud to see that 3 of our 6 AKC show champions (including 1 grand champion) which we have bred are in this pedigree.  Additionally we can testify to the hunting ability of these Brittanys.  This is not just because of titles or placements but because we've personally hunted wild birds over them, resulting with upland game in the freezer to enjoy later!  There are of course also many notable, great Brittanys "behind" our own. Most are known to the 'fancy' and left their mark through significant contributions to the overall Brittany gene pool. Significant titles do include National Amateur Field Champions, Amateur Field Champions, Field Champions, Dual Champions, American, Canadian, and Australian Bench Champions, Multiple Best of Breed and Best in Show winners, Best in Specialty Winners, Hall of Fame Brittanys, and others.  Essentially, the colors below reveal how this will be a loose line breeding on our "Chrissy" (KJ's Requet's Bouncin Crysta) and our "Wish" (Birch Springs Wish Upon A Star) leaving us very confident they will have a positive influence on the puppies of Bullet & Holly.  If all goes well, pups would arrive late in June 2018.