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J&A's Birch Spring Breaking New Ground JH, NA 107 Prize 1



Fully Reserved - Spring 2021- Breeding Has Occurred 

ALL THINGS TRUE True, a finished gundog, is a titled AKC Senior Hunter. True has one AKC adult gundog placement and one American Field placement. He also has points towards his AKC show title. True was awarded the 2017 Runner-Up New England Amateur Walking Hunting Dog award, where he was handled by our youngest grandson, Ayden. (Five New England Brittany Clubs come together to offer an award for the Brittany with the highest total of points accumulated in the Amateur Walking Hunting Dog stake.) Above all, True helps keep our freezer full with his outstanding bird hunting ability. True has a great nose, points with intensity, honors naturally, and retrieves birds shot over him to hand. He truly is a delight to observe in the field. True has a comical and outgoing personality. He is just so enjoyable to be around. (For anyone familiar with our YouTube video of Treasure introducing her first litter of pups to pheasant scent herself at 6 weeks old, True was among those pups.) True is 10 years old and he is OFA Good. One word to sum him up with be “fun”.


ALL THINGS TOPH Toph is quite a little bundle of impressive bird dog in her own right. Tested in both NAVHDA and AKC at 6 months, she respectively earned a NA Prize 1 title, and her AKC Junior Hunter title. Toph has several field trial placements to her credit including 1st place Amateur Derby handled by our granddaughter Alana who has also handled her to qualifying scores in hunt tests. Alana also handles Toph in the ring, has one major and she is very close to finishing her AKC conformation championship title. Toph has been Alana’s Junior Showmanship dog and they have won several Best Junior in Show awards together. In April 2017 Toph earned a placement in the Eastern Futurity Dog Show in Ohio also handled by Alana. Toph has several bird hunting seasons behind her. Toph is confident, animated, and like True, has a very fun personality. She’s a nice little gundog who hunts within shotgun range and will continue to be trained for advance testing and competition. Toph is 5 years old and is OFA Good. This will be her second litter. One word to sum her up would be “sweet”.

ALL THINGS BRITTANY  We have a high degree of anticipation for what True and Toph will bring forth together because of what they produced in their first litter, including our "Revere".   We are also personally familiar with a majority of dogs seen in the first 4 generations of the hypothetical pedigree below, providing us with a realistic understanding of strengths and weaknesses.  We are confident of the good health, sound temperament, sweet dispositions, and well preserved natural abilities and instincts in both of these animals and are certain to see this carried forth in this pairing.  (In the 4th and 5th generation on Toph's side there is a doubling up Hall of Fame Brittany DC/AFC Masked Shoshoni War Chief JH.  He is a dog we really like to see in our pedigrees.)   Show quality puppies are definitely anticipated! 

Our breeding program began in 1990 when our first litter was whelped. In 2003 we set out to re-establish it as we literally came out of the woods into competitive venues and events. As we began to understand selective breeding, our Brittanys began to earn placements, titles, ribbons, qualifying scores, and awards in AKC, American Field, NAVHDA and other venues.  It's been rewarding to see our program develop as we continue to build upon our earliest breeding goals. Our goal then (as it is now) was to bring forth a predictable consistency while breeding to the Brittany's breed standard for a close working gun-dog with strong inherent hunting skill.  (In just a few years 7 J&A's Brittanys have also finished their AKC Bench Championship title.  These champions are also actively hunted) 

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