Welcome to the online home of "J & A's Brittanys" and "All Things Brittanys." This website features and highlights our beautiful, well bred Brittany family bird dogs with a proven hunting heritage. Our purpose driving breeding program adheres to the AKC breed standard.  J&A's Brittanys primary focus is on the Brittany as an exceptional hunting dog. We support and promote the versatile and dual purpose ability of the Brittany dog regarding strong natural hunting instincts with the correct conformation to enable the beautiful and fun loving Brittany to do the job it is meant to do and to do it well. Sit back, take your time and enjoy your visit!

The desire in an exceptional pup is like a rare young wine, kegged from a proven vineyard. Nurture it slowly to perfection and it will pleasure the years. Tap it prematurely, and you will squander it’s bouquet in infancy”. Mike Gaddis

"...They are gundogs because we shoot guns over them. They are bird dogs because they hunt, point, and retrieve upland game and waterfowl. They are close working because they hunt within shotgun range..."  John & Ann Short

"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be. But performance indicates what the animal actually is." Anonymous